Rachel C. Young


Concept and Design Academy - Pasadena (October '09-December '09)
- Storyboarding

Animation Academy - Burbank (March-April '07, January ‘09-Current)
- Character Design, Background Design, Concept Development

The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation
December 15th 2005
-3.8 GPA
-3 animations accepted in digital arts festival, ARTimation


Freelance Animator (Feb '15 - March '15)
-animation on "Stone Quackers "

Freelance Animator (Feb '14 - April '14)
-animation on "Stone Quackers "

Animator (Nov '13 - Dec '13)
Calabash Animation
Chicago, IL
-animation using Harmony on Trix cereal commercial

Freelance Animator (Oct '13)
-animation on "High School USA"

Freelance Animator (May ’13 - Sept '13)
-animation on Tobuscus music video and Explosm’s “Cyanide and Happiness” web series

Animator (September ‘12 - October ‘12)
Hot House
Los Angeles, CA
-animation on adult swim pilot “Mr. Pickles”

Animator (July ’12 - August ‘12)
Skadaddle Media
-animation on “Of Course”

Animator (April '12 - July '12)
Cosmic Toast Studios
Burbank, CA
-animation on web series Power House and Novi Stars

Animator/Clean Up (January '12 - March '12)
Oddbot Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
-animation, animation and background clean up on various Disney projects

Animator (July '11 - November '11)
Cartoon Network
Burbank, CA
-animation on "The Problem Solverz"

Animator (May '11 - June '11)
Oddbot Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
-animation for Disney Online and the "Phineas and Ferb" stage show

Animator (January '11 - March '11)
Brain Surge
Hollywood, CA
-animation on Nickelodeon gameshow, "Brain Surge"

Animator (September '10 - January '11)
W!ldbrain Inc.
Sherman Oaks, CA
-animation on HBO series "The Ricky Gervais Show"

Freelance Storyboard Artist (November '09-April '10)
Kush Boys Studios
-storyboard for animated music video

Animator (May '09 - Sept '09)
Animax Entertainment
Van Nuys, CA
- animation for MTV's Popzilla

Freelance Animator (June ‘08 - December ’08)
Pretty Good Games Corp
Redondo Beach, CA
- animate characters in Flash for webgames

Animator/Illustrator (July ‘07- March ’08)
Animax Entertainment
Van Nuys, CA
- animate and illustrate and design for interactive websites and online
games, character turn-arounds, and file management


Self-Published Comic Book Creator ('09-Current)
-Writer, Penciler, Inker, Color and Layout Artist for series entitled "Witchman"